Resetting my make crosstool-ng bearings

Michael Powell
Wed Mar 6 19:31:00 GMT 2013


Learning this for the first time, it's a lot to digest and keep
organized. Any insights are welcome.

I'd like to rebuild the crosstool-ng first, then rebuild the cross
compiler, with the right options.

For the crosstool-ng itself (ct-ng), leave ./configure minimal as
possible? Using --prefix=/opt/crosstool-ng? I think I left this fairly
plain before, simply /opt, and things landed in /opt/bin (not well
organized on my part).

When we're talking about the cross compiler itself, configure for
/opt/cross/PLATFORM/x-tools/bin/TARGET-% where PLATFORM is x86 (the
build environment) and TARGET is arm. Both are Linux. Do I need to
mention that anyway?

The first go round, I ended up with something like,
arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-% for tool chain names. If I can or should
further identify the unknown I'd like to. Like does that specify a
part number or something?


Michael Powell

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