Segmentation fault

Michael Powell
Wed Mar 6 18:13:00 GMT 2013


On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 7:53 PM, Bill Pringlemeir <> wrote:
> On  5 Mar 2013, wrote:
>> I have a simple Hello World type app, that's all it does, cout <<
>> "Hello, World!" << endl and that's it. That one works when I cross
>> compile and run it on the target.
>> Then I work int some more elaborate functionality involving I2C
>> features, and I get segmentation fault.
> Have you updated the libraries on the target?  See '*-populate' in your
> Crosstool directory.  Also check the proper libraries are present with
> 'ldd'; there can be a version in ct-ng.  Then it is possible it is your
> code.

I ran ldd on the x86 build, and I get not a dynamic executable. So I
guess meaning there are no shared libraries of any sort. Okay.

Then I run <cross/>-ldd --root / <app/>, and it doesn't return
anything to me. But I doubt it would because I'm not linking any known
libraries to it dynamically.

Sorry it's been several years since dealing with C/C++, linkage
dependencies, etc, much less cross compilation issues.

Not sure about what libraries are there on the target. Probably I was
linking against a different version kernel? GLIBC? Or something like

I have updated my cross compiler to target kernel 3.7.1 instead of
3.7.3 (?) in the meantime.

> hth,
> Bill Pringlemeir.
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