Intro + CT-NG experience

Nic Hannekum
Tue Jun 25 01:04:00 GMT 2013

Hi all,

First up, thanks everyone for such a great tool! I used CT many years ago (maybe pre-ng?) and it's great to see it still going strong.

I'm using a Mac to build tools for ARM targets. Installed crosstool-NG 1.18.0 via homebrew (OS X package manager of sorts for those unfamiliar) and it worked beautifully without any hacks. Note - homebrew does apply one patch before ./configure which is to #include <stddef.h> in kconfig/zconf.gperf. No need to pass make KBUILD_NO_NLS=1 as stated on the homepage (which may be a little outdated on the Mac front).

After a few Mac specific patches to companion software, I had a running toolchain!

Switched to the ct-ng development version, added the latest versions to the config scripts of gcc-linaro, companion libs, gave it a whirl and after one patch to gcc Makefile I had the latest and greatest ARM toolchain! Thanks crosstool-NG team!

Patches to follow to the mail archive and for those interested, here are the built versions:

Linux kernel: 3.9
binutils: 2.22
eglibc: 2.17 (1 patch)
GCC: linaro-4.8-2013.06-1 (1 patch)
GMP: 5.1.2
MPFR: 3.1.2
ISL: 0.11.1
CLooG: 0.18.0
MPC: 1.0.1


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