[PATCH] Enable download and build of expat when cross-static gdb is requested

Daniel Price daniel.price@gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 05:16:00 GMT 2013

On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 6:58 PM, Bryan Hundven <bryanhundven@gmail.com> wrote:
> (See note after the next note)
>>+            do_gdb_expat_backend host=""               \
> Shouldn't host="${CT_TARGET}" ?

I set it to "" so that we'd build expat for the system we're building on...

>>+                prefix="${CT_BUILD_DIR}/static-cross" \
> Since this build of expat is the same build as what is built for the
> native gdb, we should save some time and set the prefix to
> "${CT_BUILD_DIR}/static-target" and pushd to
> "${CT_BUILD_DIR}/build-ncurses-target-${CT_TARGET}".
> Then during native, in the same code section, before building expat, we
> could just check to see if it exists there and skip or build if it isn't.
> Just an idea ;) (cross-gdb builds before native-gdb, if you are building
> both)

Hi Bryan, thanks for the response--

Hmm.  Now I'm worried that I don't understand the problem I set out to
solve :)  I thought that "native gdb" meant "a gdb cross-compiled to
run on the target."  Whereas I thought that cross-gdb meant "a gdb
compiled to run on this host, targetted at a remote target."  So for
the first, we need a cross-compiled expat, and for the second we need
one which is compiled for the (for lack of a better term) "host"
system.  I'm confused as to why we could reuse the same build of
expat?  Maybe I've missed something major here.  Thanks again,


Daniel.Price@gmail.com; Twitter: @danielbprice

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