Discussions about the Darwin fork (OSX and iOS)

Ray Donnelly mingw.android@gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 22:36:00 GMT 2013

.. resent as plain text - sorry about that!

Hi Yann M, Yann D, all,

We had a quick chat on IRC tonight about Yann D's and my Darwin fork.
It started from me wanting to get Yann M's opinion on a specific
change and soon became more general so we felt it best to post to the
list instead, esp. as Yann D wasn't present.

We've managed to find some pockets of free time to hack on it and it's
now possible to build Apple's cctools-809 (roughly binutils),
llvmgcc-2336.1 and gcc-5663.3 where host=build=Linux.

For the adventurous (you'll need a MacOSX SDK or maybe an iOS one):

url: https://github.com/diorcety/crosstool-ng
branch: cctools-llvm
sample configs: samples/i686-apple-darwin10/crosstool.config and

Discussing the strategy for merging is worthwhile. The remaining tasks
as I see it are:

Add sample config for iOS (and test; in theory iOS will work already
due to toolchain4 heritage)
Re-sync with crosstool-ng (we're based on 1.16.x at present)
Investigate adding latest clang/llvm (this is the future direction for
Darwin compilers)
Build on Windows.
Build on OSX.
Ensure stripped target binaries made on each host are the same (modulo
any timestamps and the like)
Investigate Canadian Cross.
Update to latest cctools (llvmgcc and gcc are at or near latest as
they've been deprecated)
Investigate debugger, gdb and/or lldb.
Tidy up and remove any hacks.
Merge back to crosstool-ng.

.. to me, the question is "in which order should these be tackled?",
once we've decided the position of "Merge back to crosstool-ng" in
this list we should discuss how to split up the merge requests. My
initial thinking was:
1. General crosstool-ng changes.
2. Windows/MSYS-as-build changes.
3. cctools (and its dependencies - openssl, llvmCore)
4. gcc.
5. llvmgcc.
.. and probably some more depending on when we merge back to crosstool-ng.

Your opinions would be very welcome.

Best regards,

Ray Donnelly.

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