crosstool-NG 1.14.0 is out

Michael Zintakis
Thu Mar 8 19:09:00 GMT 2012

> The libc from your build system might have a dependency
> on a minimal kernel version, so the statically built
> toolchain might not run on very old systems.
> Otherwise the static toolchain should be self-contained.
Unfortunately, I had to scrap that idea pretty swiftly :-(

As it turns out, what I was planning to do - "emulate" native-cross 
toolchain in action blew up right in my face!

What I did was to build the toolchain with uclibc (the host environment 
had glibc), then archived the whole toolchain directory and copied it 
over to the host environment. Finally, with the help of qemu-static, a 
bit of bin_fmt magic and adjusted path statement the toolchain was 
executing perfectly. So far, so good, but...

When I tried to build a binary (tried to make & install zlib as it is a 
farily good test on how things work out) it turns out the linker was 
picking up my host glibc *as well as* the toolchain's uclibc dependency 
files (i.e. <arch>-ldd -root /toolchain/sysroot was clearly showing 
/lib/ld-Linux as well as /lib/ld-uClibc in addition to the monstrous 
glibc's own After trying to fix that for the best part of a 
whole day yesterday - unsuccessfully - I finally gave up and I am now 
using the whole cross toolchain as a proper cross toolchain, which is a 
real pain as I have to manually compile and install all of the bloody 
dependencies for what I need to compile for the target.

It wasn't all that bad though - I came up with an idea for Yann - I've 
read the ct-ng readme file (part 5 I think it was) in which there is an 
explanation of various possible scenarios for sysroot. I am planning to 
do something similar to option 3 in that list - create an overlay 
between a staging directory, say /some/place/overlay, which would be 
read-write, and the toolchain's sysroot and map it to the old sysroot. 
That way, I could write/install anything freely to the toolchain's 
"sysroot without actually damaging that directory in any way, while 
keeping the "written" stuff in a separate directory (the overlay). I'll 
try that tonight and see where that takes me.

Are there any plans to implement cross-native in ct-ng?

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