i686-nptl-linux-gnu fails with lib-names.h not found message

Han Sooloo hansooloo@gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 02:02:00 GMT 2012

Hello all,

Trying to build tool chain on my Ubuntu 12.04, running inside a VMware Fusion 4 VM.  Target is i686-nptl-linux-gnu.  Using the following:
GCC 4.7.0, glibc 2.13, GMP 4.3.2, MPFR 2.4.2, PPL 0.11.2, CLoog/ppl 0.15.11, MPC 0.8.2.

I first copy the .config from samples directory: 'cp ../crosstool-ng-1.15.2/samples/i686-nptl-linux-gnu/crosstool.config ./.config'.  After that I do modifications to the config to match the versions above.

When I run 'ct-ng build', it fails at the "Installing C library headers & start files" step.  The error message (briefly) is as follows:
[ALL  ]    /usr/bin/install: cannot stat `/home/hansolo/x-tools/.build/i686-nptl-linux-gnu/build/build-libc-startfiles/gnu/lib-names.h': No such file or directory

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

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