Including LLVM

Titus von Boxberg
Wed Jun 6 10:17:00 GMT 2012

Am 06.06.2012 04:46, schrieb Martin Guy:
> Has anyone thought of making cross-compiling work in LLVM, which
> currently only works when running on MacOS, not Linux, FreeBSD or
> others.
Yes, I gave integrating clang some thought.
(that's what you mean by 'LLVM'?)

I didn't try myself but I think that this isn't fully correct:
I think that the LLVM code generators work on Linux and BSD as well,
not only OSX. Up to now, however, OSX is the only system
having a full cross tool chain (for iOS).

> And, made it work, incorporating it into crosstool-ng?
No. I think it would only make sense if libc++ is ported.
That seems to be a task larger than I can currently handle,
and I couldn't see that someone has started it yet.
AFAIK, even for FreeBSD it's not finished yet.

If you are interested in starting such a project I'd spend
some time helping out.


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