Checking dependencies

Michael Eager
Mon Jun 4 00:14:00 GMT 2012

Hi --

Is there any way to have ct-ng check for prerequisites,
either on the host or between components?

I just spent some time puzzling over a gdb build failure
on a new development system.  Eventually, I discovered
that I had not installed ncurses-static.  It would be
much better if ct-ng told me that the host needed to have
certain components installed, or better, if it built the
host tools that were needed.

Similarly, there are dependencies between versions of
target components.  It would be great if ct-ng checked that
known dependencies between components are met, rather than
have this cause a failure building a component.

Michael Eager
1960 Park Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94306  650-325-8077

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