GCC support libraries and sysroot

Maurizio Vitale mrz.vtl@gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 08:03:00 GMT 2012

Michael Hope <michael.hope <at> linaro.org> writes:

> Hi there.  Why does crosstool-NG create a symlink from
> $tuple/$sysroot/lib to $tuple/lib?  It causes GCC to install support
> libraries like libgcc_s.so into the sysroot instead of the default
> location which makes it tricky to replace the sysroot later.
> For our binary builds we plan to supply a few different sysroots
> including a minimal libc, developer image with GTK and X, and a
> desktop image with a wide range of packages.  They'll come as tarballs
> and the intent is for people to delete the old $tuple/$sysroot and
> extract the new one in its place.  Currently this means that the
> support libraries will also get deleted.  The target comes with these
> libraries preinstalled.

I'm exploring similar sysroot setups (but in my case I want the sysroot to work 
for both gcc and clang). Other than size, what would go wrong with having all 
sysroots including the GCC's support libraries and whatever additional library 
the specific sysroot introduces?
Obviously it would require redistribution of all sysroot tarfiles whenever the 
compiler toolchain changes, but other than that and size, I don't see problems.
I've just started with this setup, so I might be missing the obvious.


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