crosstool configure exits with gcc error.

Thu Jul 12 12:27:00 GMT 2012

I am new to cross toolchain development.   I amusing building_embedded_linux_systems
as a guide book to help me get started.  there is a discussion on crosstool, and some
examples i thought i would try.
after downloading and unpacking the croostool-ng package i run the configure command.
>configure --prefix=/my_directory
.. it does several things but then errors out when it does the gcc check.
the config.log shows me:
-it found gcc version 4.1.2
-it then attempted gcc conftest.c and failed due to assembler problems. the specific errors 
are something like this 'Error: suffix or operand invalid for push'

i am hoping this is an obvious problem.  any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
i am running on an i686 pc linux machne.

thank in advance,

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