ct-ng seems to disable all optimization by default

Johannes Stezenbach js@sig21.net
Thu Feb 16 14:46:00 GMT 2012


I've been looking through the build.log and found that
most parts of the toolchain are build without -O2 or similar.
This seems to be caused by ct-ng build scripts passing CFLAGS
unconditionally to ./configure, which causes it to _replace_
any default CFLAGS with the given ones -- in my
case (with CT_USE_PIPES=y) " -pipe".

I guess the easy solution is CT_EXTRA_FLAGS_FOR_HOST="-O2"
and CT_TARGET_CFLAGS="-Os" (or similar).

To me this behaviour is unexpected because CT_EXTRA_FLAGS_FOR_HOST
help talks about "additional" CFLAGS.


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