[CT-NG] Build fails at "Installing C library headers & start files" (glib 2.3.5)

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998@free.fr
Sat Feb 4 22:37:00 GMT 2012

Josh, All,

On Saturday 04 February 2012 11:58:40 Josh Kugelmann wrote:
> I am using glibc 2.3.5

glibc 2.3.5 is not in the list of available versions in crosstool-NG,
It is really old now (released 7 years ago!).

> because the target system runs a 2.4 kernel (and

This will prove problematic, as the C library requires the kernel headers
to decide what type of features to enable/disable and/or emulate. Without
the correct headers, you'll end up with an unbbotable system (getting a
message like :"ernel too old").

Getting proper kernel headers was not possible until linux-2.6.18 (or even
later for some archs). Previous to that, I don't really know what headers
were used.

Building toolchains for linux-2.4 is *not* supported by crosstool-NG.

> cannot be upgraded due since the NAND driver compiled into the kernel
> was not included in the kernel source).
> Relevant section of build.log:
> > [ERROR]    configure: error: 
> > [CFG  ]    *** These critical programs are missing or too old: as ld
> > [CFG  ]    *** Check the INSTALL file for required versions.

This is a known issue. Old glibc incorrectly check the version of binutils,
and fails to detect too recent binutils. From the logs, you are using
binutils 2.21.1.

Do you really expect to be able to build such an olg glibc, using such recent

For the glibc issue, you can look at backporting the fic from glibc-2.9:

But that will not magically make your toolchain work for a linux-2.4 kernel.

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