Compiler Memory Alignment Issue

Martin Guy
Thu Feb 2 23:09:00 GMT 2012

On 2 February 2012 19:15, Richard Koch <> wrote:
> I'm seeing an alignment issue when I'm incrementing a pointer.

> The target is a Technologics TS-7350 ARM920T (EP9302).

Ah, my favourite processor :)

> I'm wondering if there may be something I haven't set properly in the crosstool-ng's
> configuration?

I see

Target options -> Floating point -> hardware(FPU) which should almost
certainly be "softfp" as I doubt MaverickCrunch FPU code generation
works. That should also allow you to link objects with standard Debian
or whatever - it certainly won't work with the arm hardfloat ports
like debian armhf, which neds a VFP FPU.

Let me know if that makes any difference.


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