License text in finished built toolchain?

Oron Peled
Sat Apr 21 22:27:00 GMT 2012

On Friday, 20 בApril 2012 21:28:26 Michael Eager wrote:
> You do *not* need to include licenses in the tool chain installation
> tree.  Most distributions do not include licenses with the binaries.

The last statement is wrong. Someone else on this thread already
mentioned the /usr/share/doc/<package>/copyright files on Debian
(and Debian derived distros like Ubuntu). May I add my Fedora:
$ find /usr/share/doc -name 'COPYING' | wc -l
(which obviously applies to derived distributions like RHEL/Centos).

The responsibility for complying with a copyright license (including
providing a copy of it where needed) is on the one who distributes
the copyrighted work. However, it would be a nice service if crosstool-ng
could copy all the license files into the x-toolchain tree under
a well defined common directory (e.g: <datadir>/doc/crosstool-ng/licenses.d)
This would help prospective toolchain packagers.

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