License text in finished built toolchain?

Michael Eager
Fri Apr 20 18:28:00 GMT 2012

On 04/20/2012 01:16 AM, Per Arnold Blaasmo wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question regarding the finished built toolchain and
> redistribution if that.
> If I use Crosstool-ng to build a GNU Toolchain and redistribute that
> with my own product.
> Do we need to have the license files in the finished build tree?
> Should crosstool-ng copy those in to the finished tree?
> What about crosstool-ng's license?
> Do we need to add that to the finished built toolchain?
> Do anyone have any thought on this?

You do *not* need to include licenses in the tool chain installation
tree.  Most distributions do not include licenses with the binaries.

You *do* need to provide the licenses to your users in some fashion.
Many companies distribute these licenses as one or more text files
along with their program (for example, on the CD/DVD) or include them
as an appendix to the documentation for the program.  Some, like Mozilla,
have the license displayed when the program is installed.

Each of the licenses describe what you must do to conform to the
license.  You may need to include copyright notices in your documentation,
output a copyright notice (required for interactive programs licensed
under the GPL), or include license files with your program.  In particular,
the GPL requires that you provide the source used to build the binaries
or provide a reasonable means to obtain the source.

You can find crosstool-ng's license in crosstool-ng/licenses.d/by-sa.
Since the build tree generated by crosstool-ng does not contain
crosstool-ng, and it is unlikely that you would redistribute crosstool-ng
with your program, there would not appear to be any requirement to include
this license.

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