[PATCH] Documented how to format description lines for packages patches

Michael Hope michael.hope@linaro.org
Thu Sep 29 02:18:00 GMT 2011

# HG changeset patch
# User Michael Hope <michael.hope@linaro.org>
# Date 1317262608 -46800
# Node ID fa983e475cfb603465dcae5cdcd2de67a608ae59
# Parent  69e6e581338dc4558d87fdcde9d9cbf8466893c9
Documented how to format description lines for packages patches.
Added a note on enforcing Signed-off-by lines.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hope <michael.hope@linaro.org>

diff -r 69e6e581338d -r fa983e475cfb docs/7 - Contributing to crosstool-NG.txt
--- a/docs/7 - Contributing to crosstool-NG.txt	Thu Sep 29 12:40:42 2011 +1300
+++ b/docs/7 - Contributing to crosstool-NG.txt	Thu Sep 29 15:16:48 2011 +1300
@@ -21,6 +21,13 @@
 If you want to enhance crosstool-NG, there's a to-do list in the TODO file.
+When updating a package, please include the category and package in the
+start of the description.  For example:
+    binutils/binutils: add the 2.22 release
+    cc/gcc: update to the Linaro 2011.09 release
 Patches should come with the appropriate SoB line. A SoB line is typically
 something like:
    Signed-off-by: John DOE <john.doe@somewhere.net>
@@ -28,6 +35,11 @@
 The SoB line is clearly described in Documentation/SubmittingPatches , section
 12, of your favourite Linux kernel source tree.
+Add the following to your ~/.hgrc to make Mercurial check for the SoB
+line when committing:
+    [hooks]
+    pretxncommit.signoff = hg log --template '{desc}\n' -r $HG_NODE \
+        | grep -qi '^signed-off-by:'
 For larger or more frequent contributions, mercurial should be used.
 There is a nice, complete and step-by-step tutorial in section 'C'.

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