glibc/eglibc, convert to TI-RPC...

Bill Pringlemeir
Thu Sep 1 20:35:00 GMT 2011

On  1 Sep 2011, wrote:

> On Thursday 01 September 2011 21:08:02 Bill Pringlemeir wrote:
>> It seems that newer versions of glibc and eglibc use a 'TI-RPC'.
>> Is anyone aware of a FAQ/Howto on TI-RPC conversion?  Are there
>> RPC api changes or just library and header adjustments?
> [--SNIP--]
>> For now, I rebuilt with 2.13 but I understand that IPv6 support is
>> probably good to have as standard.

> I already sent an RFC about two months ago:

Thanks Yann.  Resolution are to have 'TI-RPC' as a package and make that
a pre-requisite for the other packages and use it's include paths, etc.
Alternately figure out how not to use RPC, if a packages './configure'
supports it... Or stick with 2.13.

I don't think the package I was building with was related to NFS.

There is no "--with-rpc=" option to the e?glibc.  

This looks like the current repository,

I am sure I read your original message.  Some how, I didn't think it
would affect me at that time...  I might try 2.14 again some time.

Thanks again,
Bill Pringlemeir.

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