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Thu Sep 1 19:32:00 GMT 2011

Bill, All,

On Thursday 01 September 2011 21:08:02 Bill Pringlemeir wrote:
> It seems that newer versions of glibc and eglibc use a 'TI-RPC'.  I
> installed a cross ARM with 2.14 and many ltib packages do not build with
> this compiler/toolset.  I googled and couldn't find any how to on
> updating to this version.  If the rpc.h headers are no longer in libc,
> what are you suppose to '#include' in source.  Or are we to alter a
> '-I'?  Is anyone aware of a FAQ/Howto on TI-RPC conversion?  Are there
> RPC api changes or just library and header adjustments?
> For now, I rebuilt with 2.13 but I understand that IPv6 support is
> probably good to have as standard.

I already sent an RFC about two months ago:

I was suggesting to possiblities:
 - treat RPC as a system feature
    -> we need to add TIRPC to the build
 - treat RPC as a non-system feature
    -> applications that need RPC should depend on TIRPC

But TIRPC is not yet complete, so it is not yet a proper replacement.

The resolution *so far* is, for crosstool-NG:
 - we don't care

If the user requires RPC, then (s)he should use 2.13 or before.

That could well change over time, but one pre-requisite is that TIRPC gets
mature enough to be a proper replacement.

I'd refer you back to my original post for more info

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