How can I build an arm tool chain with an older version of Linux (2.6.14).

Sun Oct 23 14:18:00 GMT 2011

Jamie, All,

On Sunday 23 October 2011 15:57:51 Jamie Risk wrote:
> I'm in the position of having to build an arm tool chain
> using an older, patched, 2.6.14 kernel.  I know that the
> 'make headers_install' didn't attempt to start working on
> arm targets until 2.6.18.
> Can someone make a suggestion for a ct-ng work around for
> this?  What targets can I manually create so that the
> build/make can smoothly ignore this step?

There are two main ways you could try.

First, you could use the linux-2.6.12 sanitised headers:

Those are the headers from linux-2.6.12, sanitised for use by userland,
like "make headers-install" now does, but manually done at the time.
The 2.6.12 headers were the lastest sanitised headers released that way.

This is really, really deprecated, obsolete.

The second way depends on which C library you are using. If you use glibc
or eglibc, then you can use headers from 2.6.18 onward, and configure
glibc to include backward support for 2.6.14. In crosstool-NG, this is
the option LIBC_GLIBC_MIN_KERNEL_VERSION, located there:

  C-library  --->
  Minimum supported kernel version (Specific kernel version)  --->
  (2.6.14) Minimum kernel version to support

Although I never encountered any issue with this, I did not test it
really hard either. So, you may get issues in some corner-cases...

Of course, the optimum solution is to bang hard enough on your kernel
provider, so they provide you with an up-to-date kernel! Or even better,
so they upstream their changes! One can always dream, of course! ;-)

Yann E. MORIN.

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