[PATCH] debug/gdb: --disable-sim for CT_GDB_CROSS

Zhenqiang Chen zhenqiang.chen@linaro.org
Wed Nov 23 03:44:00 GMT 2011

>> I'd like to disable sim as it isn't useful when building for a GLIBC
>> target and it's one more thing to support.  ARM don't want to
>> distribute a binary simulator due to IP reasons which I must admit
>> I've never understood :)
>> How about a GDB_CROSS_EXTRA_CONFIG_ARRAY instead?  Disabling the
>> simulator is rare enough that it shouldn't be an option on it's own.
> disabling it for glibc and uclibc toolchains is fine however it should
> be left enabled for bare metal toolchains

I will work out a patch to add GDB_CROSS_EXTRA_CONFIG_ARRAY.


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