Need ct-ng recipe for PPC toolset under Cygwin

Remy Bohmer
Thu Nov 3 19:14:00 GMT 2011


2011/11/3 Diekema, Jon (GE Aviation, US) <>:
> Under Linux I have zero problems with this recipe, but I need a cross
> toolset for both the Windows and Linux environments.

Why not build a canadian build under Linux?

With ct-ng on Linux you can build:
1) a linux->target toolchain
2) a linux->mingw toolchain
with these 1 and 2 you can build:
3) a mingw->target toolchain

Some advantages:
* Building the toolchain on Linux takes much less time.
* Much less troubles during the build since you are not bothered by
cygwin quirks.
* The mingw based toolchain performs much better on Windows resulting
in shorter build times as well.
* One Development environment for building all compiler toolchains.

Have Fun!

Kind Regards,


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