Final toolchain dir

Esben Haabendal
Sun Mar 27 12:30:00 GMT 2011

"Yann E. MORIN" <> writes:

>> If yes, is there a way to control that behavior so that it DOESN'T do
>> that?
> Yes, there is a way. See:
>   Paths and misc options  --->
>     [*] Render the toolchain read-only
> But, do you really, really need the toolchain to be writable? What for?

For the records, I really really need it to be writable.

Using ct-ng internally in OE-lite, I need the sysroot to be writable.

After completing the ct-ng built, the entire result is split up into a
large number of packages (tar files), which is then later on use to
(re)populate a complete staging dir when building other OE-lite
recipes.  These staging dirs contain a carefuclly selected subset of the
above mentioned ct-ng packages and whatever else is needed (typically
other packages and build tools).  Rendering the ct-ng toolchain
read-only would require OE-lite to go around changing back to sane
permissions.  Also, target files are also directly used for
building target images, and there I don't want to have the ct-ng built
files to be forced to read-only.

So please, please, please (with sugar on top) let us keep the option to
not have the toolchain rendered read-only :-)


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