GDB Python support

Tue Mar 15 18:47:00 GMT 2011

On Tuesday 15 March 2011 02:10:55 Bryce Schober wrote:
> This is what I mean. It requires specifying gdb's configure option
> "—with-python" (my cursory glance at crosstool's configs left me with
> the impression that there was no place to plug in that option),

There is currently no way to add user-supplied options to gdb's

Here is attached a untested patch. Care to report, please?

There are two places to enable python support:
- for the cross-gdb: we can use the python available on the host
- the native gdb: it is a bit more complex, as it requires an existing
  python to run on the target, *and* an exiting python devel env to run
  on the target. Obviously, we can't readily have this target python,
  as we're still building the toolchain. And, no-no-no, I won't add a
  python devel env in the toolchain.

So, for the native gdb to run on the target:
- either it does not support python scripting,
- or the user will have to build it on his/her own.

> and 
> implies dependencies. I assume that in the context of crosstool, one
> would prefer it to compile its own minimal version of python for that
> purpose. I haven't gone very far down the chain of implications
> myself, but I've scanned through the Qt Creator process for the
> python-enabled gdb that they ship
> (, and at least
> their Linux build process doesn't look too obtuse.

For the cross-gdb, we can assume that the host laready has the python devel
env (headers+libs). For the native gdb, that's a no-no in crostool-NG.

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