First time user - basic question

Rahul Gauba
Mon Mar 14 03:24:00 GMT 2011

Hi! Jim,

     Not sure about the ct-ng project. But if you plan to use compiler, 
libraries, include paths from the cross-chain tool, you need to:
1 --  Modify the environment variable PATH such that gcc is invoked from the 
2 -- You should be using the shared libraries from cross-chain tool, so you need 
to specify using -L<cross-chain-path> when linking. Your cross-chain build area 
should have lib and usr/lib directories. So these need to specified with -L.  
3 -- Also the include path for C/C++ headers from the cross-chain should be 
mentioned using -I<cross-chain include directories>.


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Subject: First time user - basic question


I've googled around and I'm still a bit unsure about how to use my cross-chain 
tool when it's done being built.

I'm in the process of running ct-ng build. When that is finished, what are the 
steps to actually compile a project?

I read the docs/5 using.txt file. It is really as simple as adding the cross 
compiler bin directory to the path and then setting CROSS_COMPILE env variable?

When those two things are done do I simply invoke gcc or cc as normal and/or use 
makefiles as normal? And is it the CROSS_COMPILE env variable that tells gcc/cc 
what compiler to actually use?

Sorry if this seems really basic....

Thank you,

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