[PATCH] Keep an uncompressed build log

Trevor Woerner twoerner@gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 23:08:00 GMT 2011

My only change is to add the following line:

On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 5:44 PM, Yann E. MORIN
<yann.morin.1998@anciens.enib.fr> wrote:
>> +cp ${CT_LOG_FILE} ${CT_TOP_DIR}

These lines (and behaviour) were pre-existing:

>>  [ "${CT_LOG_FILE_COMPRESS}" = y ] && bzip2 -9 "${CT_LOG_FILE}"
>>  [ "${CT_INSTALL_DIR_RO}" = "y"  ] && chmod -R a-w "${CT_INSTALL_DIR}"
>>  [ "${CT_TEST_SUITE}" = "y" ] && chmod -R u+w "${CT_TEST_SUITE_DIR}"

> In fact, I'd suggest the oposite: have the build.log file be in the working
> directory. Then, once the toolchain is successfully built, save a compressed
> copy in the toolchain install dir.

Yes, that would make sense to me, but the existing behaviour is to
build the log file in the install location, then compress it where it
exists. If you like I could create a patch whereby the log is built in
the build location then compressed to the install location?

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