chmod -R u+w .build/src EACH TIME?????

Wed Mar 2 22:35:00 GMT 2011

Andy, All,

On Wednesday 02 March 2011 23:18:28 ANDY KENNEDY wrote:
> Is this really necessary?  Perhaps the do_extract was actually supposed
> to chmod -R u+w .build/src/<whatever>, though as it stands right now,
> EACH package that is unpacked then causes a chmod on the WHOLE src
> directory.  Then, at the end of the unpack process, YET ANOTHER chmod is
> run on that same directory.

Are you referring to:

# hg blame -l scripts/functions
 1208:611:     # Some tarballs have read-only files... :-(
 1258:643:     # Because of nochdir, we don't know where we are, so chmod all
 1258:644:     # the src tree
 1271:645:     CT_DoExecLog DEBUG chmod -R u+w "${CT_SRC_DIR}"

If so, here are the reasons:
- some package do have RO files
- so we can apply patches, all files shall be RW
- for the C libraries addons (glibc ports, uClibc locales...), we
  don't really know where CWD is
- some package does not extract in a sub-directory of their base name
  ( eg. cloog-ppl 0.15.3 extracts into cloog-ppl/ )

So we can't know for sure what sub-dir to chmod. The only systematic
solution is to chmod the whole source tree... Sad, isn't it?

> Vinny:  "I think I get the point."  <- My Cousin Vinny (good flick)

Hello Vinny! ;-)

> Could this not be changed to recursively change the mode of that
> directory one time at the end?

Patches are applied just after the extract pass. So, given the above
reasons, that's not possible to chmod once at the end.

> My frustration lies in that I'm wiping the entire .build dir each time
> I build (attempting to run down the issue of why -mbig-endian is left
> out of the libc-start-files build) and I wait for a long time for the
> last few iterations of chmod to run. . .

Yes, I can understand. I fell your pain, as I once had to build on an sshfs
mountpoint, through my WiFi. And it was... sloowwww... aas... he...lll...

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