chmod -R u+w .build/src EACH TIME?????

Wed Mar 2 22:17:00 GMT 2011

Is this really necessary?  Perhaps the do_extract was actually supposed
to chmod -R u+w .build/src/<whatever>, though as it stands right now,
EACH package that is unpacked then causes a chmod on the WHOLE src
directory.  Then, at the end of the unpack process, YET ANOTHER chmod is
run on that same directory.

Vinny:  "I think I get the point."  <- My Cousin Vinny (good flick)

Could this not be changed to recursively change the mode of that
directory one time at the end?

My frustration lies in that I'm wiping the entire .build dir each time
I build (attempting to run down the issue of why -mbig-endian is left
out of the libc-start-files build) and I wait for a long time for the
last few iterations of chmod to run. . .


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