i686-apple-darwin10 to i386-pc-linux-gnu, ld invoked with gnu options

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998@anciens.enib.fr
Sun Jun 26 14:20:00 GMT 2011

On Sunday 26 June 2011 15:59:40 Titus von Boxberg wrote:
> Am 26.06.2011 um 15:34 schrieb Yann E. MORIN:
> > The idea is to be able to move the toolchain from one host to another
> > without too much hassles...
> > 
> > While the C library is pretty standard and backward-compatible, the
> > libstdc++ is very tightly coupled to the compiler.
> I think that this might be a problem specific to Linux-Distros + gcc
> because libstdc++ - as you said - is locked into gcc and the Linux Distros
> do not see or do not want to solve this problem.

Agreed. gcc is bundling too much crap^Wstuff. libstdc++ should be separate,
much like the C library and other libs are.

But that's another storry! :-]

> Presumably, gcc's and libstdc++'s days will quite soon be over on MacOS,
> so there won't be a newer libstdc++ that could raise DLL hell.

Hehe! I'm looking forward to seeing LLVM/CLanG being a proper replacement
for gcc, even on Linux-based systems! ;-)

> Would you accept a change that prevents static linking on Mac?

Yes, sure. But it should:
 - happen in ./configure
 - use the new variable passing
 - hide the corresponding options from the menuconfig
 - have no impact on the code in scripts/build/cc/gcc.sh

Something along the lines of:

  printf "Checking if static link is possible..."
  case $(uname -s) in
    MacOS-X)	static_link_ok=""; printf "no\n";;
    *)          static_link_ok="y"; printf "yes\n";;
  add_to_kconfig_list static_link_ok

And to options that need it, add:
  depends on CONFIGURE_static_link_ok

Then, you could push a second patch:
 - don't check for static libs if static link is not available:
   - static libstdc++
   - static expat
so the user does not see spurious failed tests.

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