[crosstool-ng] Menuconfig problems on Mac OS X

Titus von Boxberg titus@v9g.de
Sat Jun 11 12:07:00 GMT 2011

Am 10.06.2011 um 08:15 schrieb Bryan Hundven:
>>> But on my mac I see:
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>                   Target Architecture (powerpc)  --->
>>>                   *** Generic target options ***
>>>                   Bitness:
>>>                   *** Target optimisations ***
>>>                   Floating point: (hardware (FPU))  --->
>>>               (-mfloat-gprs=double -Wa,-me500x2) Target CFLAGS
>>>               ()  Target LDFLAGS
>>>                   *** powerpc other options ***
>>>               [*] Enable SPE support
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bryan, Yann, 

I just wanted to give it a try, but I noticed that Yann clobbered
all of my changes for kconfig making it use macports ncurses.

So, hijacking this thread (but the subject still matches ;-):
How do you manage to get to this list?
On my computer I cannot select a menu item using the arrow keys.
(ref http://www.uponmyshoulder.com/blog/2010/os-x-10-6-3-broke-ncurses )

Does this work for you?
What MacOS are you running ct-ng on?


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