crosstool-ng + arm; Build error: libc_pic.a not found

Sat Jun 4 23:07:00 GMT 2011

Bryan, All,

On Saturday 04 June 2011 23:14:48 Bryan Hundven wrote:
> I just noticed that my static toolchain didn't have plugin support,
> which is needed for gold ld support.
> I am not building strictly static binaries on the target, and actually
> would like to avoid static binaries on my target (saves on ram).
> Maybe instead of disabling plugin support if ct-ng is building a
> static toolchain, plugin support should just depend on CT_SHARED_LIBS.

Selecting CT_SHARED_LIBS (the default) means that libraries for the
target are being built as shared objects (in addition to static ones).

Selecting CT_STATIC_TOOLCHAIN (not the default) means that gcc, ld et al.
are static binaries.

The two are decorelated. If it is not the case, then this is an error.

If you select to build a static toolchain, then plugins are disabled,
because the gcc build system complains about '-fPIC -shared -rdynamic'.
But as we're statically linking, -shared is meaningless, and even wrong
in our case.

So, plugins are disabled when building a static toolchain, until we find
a better solution. Maybe we should add '-fPIC' to the host gcc CFLAGS ?

Yann E. MORIN.

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