cd crosstool-ng ; make menuconfig

Wed Jun 1 15:06:00 GMT 2011


> Let's compare how virtually all programs are processed.


> Second, you configure the program, with the usual ./configure step.


> Third, you build the program. This is done running 'make'. For most


> Fourth, you install the program, using 'make install'. This copies


> Fith, you can get rid of the source code directory altogether.
> And you are finally set-up and running, you can use your program.

But you see, I don't see this as a program at all.  Having used the
crosstool scripts before, I see this as a NICE improvement to
those.  Also, it appears that you patterned the whole shootin'
match after BuildRoot -- which is really cool -- which also is not
a program in my mind.  The whole thing is it boils down to
perception.  Mine is that this is a really awesome utility that I
include into a build system that generates everything I need.
Please don't think I'm taking away from what you have done:  I
think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as a
toolchain generator goes, but it isn't a program to me.  It is a
piece of a build system.  Another package that allows me an means
to my ends.  So, just like with buildroot sources, I extract your
utility into its on little sandbox, build the toolchain using pre-
downloaded source tarballs, install into a pre-defined location
based upon environmental vars that I set in my build system,
configure for local only, build the toolchain, and abandon the
utility in place -- to be cleaned up later if the end user so
chooses.  In fact, I unpack a crosstool-ng dir for EACH project
so as not to collide with anything else I have going on (I mod
in place the crosstool-ng dir for each project/build).  So, much
like I don't ever expect to "install" BuildRoot anywhere, I don't
allow crosstool-ng to install either.

Bottom line:  This is not an application to me, but a fancy
build environment that builds me a neat, shiny, well-built
toolchain package that I can use to do my job.  Much like with
all the examples you defined, the "application" for me is gcc,
gdb, ar, as, ld, {e{,g},uc}libc, etc and crosstool-ng is my
./configure && make && make install.

But, we don't have to put in my recommended changes for those
of us who have bastardized your program and are using it in a
way and manner that you never intended.  BTW:  Apologies if
you are offended in the way I am using your app.


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