crosstool-NG 1.12.0 is out

Sun Jul 31 23:56:00 GMT 2011

Hello all!

I'm pleased to announce the release of crosstool-NG 1.12.0!

As usual, there has been quite a number of improvements, new features,
and bug fixes all around. The most notable changes are listed below:

- updated components:
  - linux (up to 3.0 :-) )
  - gcc (4.6.1, 4.5.3, 4.3.6, annd Linaro versions)
  - uClibc (0.9.32)
  - eglibc (2.14)
  - glibc (2.13 and 2.14)
  - newlib (1.19.0)
  - gdb (update Linaro versions)
  - companion libraries (mpfr, cloog...)
- infrastucture:
  - pass checks from ./configure to the kconfig infra
  - detect more depedencies, differentiate hard-deps from optional deps
  - kconfig updated from upstream
  - nconf frontend
  - support for multiple configure extra-args with spaces

This release has a few new features, and is mostly about fixes and useability
improvements, code consolidation, documentation and misc minor changes. You
can see it as an "I still need to give it some thoughts, but there are changes
in the hood; Big Changes" kind of release. More in a later mail... ;-)

The release can be found at the following URLs:

This marks the beginning of the 1.12 maintenance branch, and the end of
the previous maintenance branch. As always, comments and suggestions
are most welcome!

As a reminder, the home for crosstool-NG is:                                                                                  
Crosstool-NG also has a Freshmeat page:                                                                                                                                                                      
Many thanks to the people who contributed to this release:                                                                      

     91  Yann E. MORIN
     18  Beno?t TH?BAUDEAU
      6  Bryan Hundven
      4  Anthony Foiani
      4  Titus von Boxberg
      2  Antony N. Pavlov
      1  Antony Pavlov
      1  Nicol?s Reynolds

Here is the per-author shortlog:

    Anthony Foiani:
        [2459] complibs/ppl: update GMP location configuration argument for
               PPL v0.11 and later
        [2460] complibs/ppl: remove unnecessary (and confusing) --enable-cxx
               configure switch.
        [2461] complibs/ppl: build only C and C++ interfaces for PPL
        [2462] complibs/ppl: fix 0.11-0.11.2 to compile with --disable-shared

    Antony N. Pavlov:
        [2563] misc: fix typos
        [2564] misc: fix more typos here and there...

    Antony Pavlov:
        [2511] samples: add mips-malta-linux-gnu toolchain config

    Beno?t TH?BAUDEAU:
        [2475] scripts: fix broken variable name
        [2476] debug/gdb: fix runtime sysroot
        [2477] cc/gcc: bump Linaro revisions to 2011.05-0
        [2478] debug/gdb: bump Linaro revision to 2011.05-0
        [2484] kconfig: remove useless 'default n'
        [2485] scripts/ add a function to extract fields
               from versions
        [2486] gcc: add a CC_GCC_HAS_PKGVERSION_BUGURL option
        [2487] gcc: promote PKGVERSION and BUGURL options to toolchain level
        [2488] binutils: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
        [2489] eglibc: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
        [2490] gdb: use the PKGVERSION and BUGURL options
        [2503] kconfig: prepend CT-NG's version tag to PKGVERSION
        [2507] configure: give check_for() the ability to test several item
               types at once
        [2508] debug/cross-gdb: check host dependencies
        [2510] cc/gcc: bump Linaro GCC revisions to 2011.06-0
        [2572] cc/gcc: bump Linaro GCC revisions to 2011.07
        [2573] scripts/libc: do not build add-ons by default
        [2574] scripts/functions: force extract folder to archive basename

    Bryan Hundven:
        [2512] config/eglibc: Add eglibc-2_14 branch
        [2513] config/kernel: Update linux kernel versions
        [2515] glibc: Refactor startfiles/headers into do_libc_backend()
        [2516] cc/gcc: Update gcc versions
        [2517] config/kernel: Update kernel versions
        [2520] libc/eglibc: Add option that allows for getting svn over http://

    Nicol?s Reynolds:
        [2482] libc/glibc: fix {e,}glibc add-ons with short or long names

    Titus von Boxberg:
        [2529] config/ call sed in the Right Way
        [2530] docs/C : use new URL in hg tutorial
        [2531] docs/C : libncurses is not needed anymore
        [2571] docs: add signed-off-by line to sample commit message

    Yann E. MORIN:
        [2426] samples: update
        [2430] internals: fix stripping yet once again
        [2435] complibs/cloog: add latest version
        [2436] complibs/mpfr: add latest version
        [2437] libc/glibc: update patchset, add ports patchset
        [2438] libc/glibc: add 2.13
        [2439] sample: add new Alpha sample with glibc-.13
        [2440] cc/gcc: fix complibs dependency
        [2441] scripts/addToolVersion: fix gcc complibs dependency
        [2444] config: fix recursive deps
        [2445] config: add generated help entries only if present
        [2446] kernel/linux: reorder stuff
        [2447] config: add main menu title
        [2448] kconfig: update from linux-next
        [2449] kconfig: do not warn on missing env variable
        [2450] kconfig: don't trim spaces with leading pipe
        [2451] kconfig: fix choice multi-display
        [2452] kconfig: remove mis-leading messages
        [2453] libc/glibc: use the multi-inclusion capability of the new
        [2454] kconfig: add the nconf frontend
        [2455] libc/glibc: source common parts instead of symlinking
        [2466] scripts: interpret *_EXTRA_CONFIG config variables arrays
        [2467] config: rename variables that are arrays
        [2468] scripts: munge .config to handle array variables
        [2469] config: document array-capable variables
        [2473] kernel/linux: add latest versions
        [2474] kconfig: fix forward dependencies
        [2479] configure: move error message down to has_or_abort
        [2480] configure: add has_or_warn
        [2481] configure: add possibility to set arbitrary variable in
        [2483] libc/glibc: commonalise extraction btw glibc and eglibc
        [2491] cc/gcc: fix a misleading FIXME
        [2492] scripts/functions: do not abort on failed download
        [2493] scripts/functions: do not abort on failed extract
        [2494] scripts/functions: do not abort on failed svn
        [2495] libc/eglibc: use generic SVN functions
        [2496] glibc: properly handle internal addons
        [2497] configure: maintain single quotes in error messages
        [2498] configure: add prefix to err messages in has_or_{abort,warn}
        [2499] configure: check for libstdc++.{so,dylib,a}
        [2500] cc/gcc: CC_STATIC_LIBSTDCXX 'depends on'
        [2501] functions: fix downloading files
        [2502] functions: save & restore the static companion libraries
               install dir
        [2504] libc/glibc: do not try to download NPTL add-on
        [2505] Makefile: make it work for auto-completion
        [2506] configure: rationalise error messages with meaningful texts
        [2509] configure: check for ncurses libs + headers in one go
        [2514] kernel/linux: fix type in version strings
        [2518] libc/uClibc: add latest release 0.9.32 + patchset
        [2519] cc/gcc: remove --enable-symver option
        [2521] cc/gcc: add build-id option
        [2522] cc/gcc: add option for linker hash style
        [2523] cc/gcc: add MIPS spercific configure options
        [2524] configure: indent error/warning message
        [2525] configure: check host system
        [2526] configure: disable static linking on Darwin
        [2527] configure: pass the allowed lib extensions to check_for()
        [2528] configure: do not test for static libs if static link is
        [2532] cc/gcc: fix non-MIPS builds
        [2533] configure: portability fixes
        [2534] configure: portability fixes - take 2
        [2535] configure: do not require cvs
        [2536] libc/glibc: add 2.14
        [2537] config: move multi-line shell commands from Makefile to script
        [2538] scripts: update config.{guess,sub}
        [2539] libc/newlib: add latest version
        [2540] configure: add check for svn
        [2541] cc/gcc: fix passing args with spaces when calling core gcc
        [2542] libc/glibc: fix passing args with spaces when calling backend
        [2543] scripts: on startup, also remove the buildtools dir
        [2544] scripts/internals: do not remove lib{32,64}/ symlinks after
        [2545] cc/gcc: do not build libgomp or libmudflap in the core steps
        [2546] scripts/xldd: fix typo
        [2547] scripts/xldd: print end of current action
        [2548] scripts/xldd: don't pass random format to printf
        [2549] scripts/xldd: fix missing arg to one printf
        [2550] scripts, cc/gcc: do not fail on existing symlinks or build.log
        [2551] configure: add yet a bit more of autostuff compatibility
        [2565] docs: update known issues
        [2566] kernel/linux: add latest versions
        [2567] kernel/linux: prepare to handle 3.x
        [2568] kernel/linux: add 3.0 Woohoo! o/
        [2569] docs: update table of content for known issues
        [2570] debug/gdb: install gdbinit sample file
        [2575] debug/gdb: don;t install sample gdbinit for old versions
        [2576] config: don't require .config.2 to save a sample
        [2577] Makefile: fix samples install
        [2578] libc/uclibc: fix src dir location
        [2579] cc/gcc: fortran requires GMP and MPFR
        [2580] libc/mingw: fix mingw source dirs
        [2581] samples: update before release

The short diffstat follows:

    Total                    20921(+/-)
    samples/                  32.4%
    patches/                  27.1%
    kconfig/                  24.9%
    scripts/build/libc/        2.6%
    config/kernel/             2.0%
    config/libc/               1.1%
    config/cc/                 1.1%
    config/arch/               1.1%
    Others                     7.3%

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