Thu Jul 28 20:33:00 GMT 2011

This may be a buildroot issue, but I don't know.  Looking around shows
that this is supposed to be part of ???binutils??? though the pkg name
that produces results in Google is bfd.

The question:  I'm attempting to get a shared libelf, however, the only
one that ends up in my sysroot (I think from the buildroot bastardized
install I do to put libs back into the toolchain) is libelf.a.  I was
half-way tasked to find the shared object.  So, where does that puppy
live?  Looking at the GNU website, there is a bfd which redirects to
binutills.  Rock!  I say to myself, I should be able to get that.  Next
I open up my good ole ct-ng menuconfig and see an option in Binutils
"install libs in target".  Excellent! I says to myself again.  But,
alas, that doesn't give me what I want.

The ultimate goal is to get mpatrol in the toolchain so we can track
down this memory leak we have.  Though, I'm only working on this like
2% of my time.  Hoping someone out there knows the answer to my pain.


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