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Fri Jan 21 15:00:00 GMT 2011

> You do not need to configure the kernel to install the headers


> In your example, the gcc pass-1 is not required, as the uClibc headers
> do not need a cross compiler when using LinuxThreads. If you were to
> use NPTL, then you need the gcc pass 1, and you'd need to also install
> the uClibc "start files" (which you are missing), see below.

Fixed. I chose not use NPTL because it is not present as an option in 
uClibc-0.9.31 and it is still experimental as of 0.9.32-rc2.

> Installing the pass 1&  2 compilers in the final prefix is dubious. It
> /might/ break in some cases, especially when doing a canadian-cross.

Why? Where should I put it?

> As you stated that it is not intended as  "another automatic tool" but
> rather a mean to "teach new people", I would have first introduced the
> dependencies that exist between all the components. For example, why one
> needs to build gcc three times. Or why one needs to install the kernel
> headers.
> All this might sound obvious to you and us, but to it will most probably
> sound like black magic to newcomers (at least it did to me when I started
> building toolchains).

Fixed. I chose not to use your explaination directly, but please, don't 
take it personally :-) Anyway, I put a link to it at the end of the 

> And once you have stated the above, you can carry on with an example. I would
> suggest doing a true cross-compiler example. i686 on x86_64 is not really
> representative, while building an ARM cross-compiler on x86_64 is.


Also, I fixed other minor things.

I chose not to include PPL, CLooG-PPL and libelf as they are still not 
strictly required and they complicate things a little bit. Please 
remember that my tutorial is for newbies (as I am). Experts surely don't 
need it for deploying a cross-compiler.

The link for the tutorial has changed as I switched from Ubuntu to Debian:


That said, my tutorial is still not finished because my knowledge of 
cross-compilers is limited. I'll add new things as soon as I learn them.

Any comment is welcome.

Francesco Turco

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