Update: Still with Build failure for PPC405 using crosstool-ng-1.9.2

Kerios, Chris (KSC-ASRC-466)[ASRC AEROSPACE CORP] chris.kerios@nasa.gov
Tue Jan 18 20:46:00 GMT 2011

Hello again,
I think I have worked my way through enough builds, etc. to form a coherent email regarding my cross tool build effort and problem.  I have attached two files of the  build logs that show where the builds are breaking. I cannot send the whole log as my email system won't pass it.  As I am not a gnu tools expert I can only pursue the most elementary fixes of which I can't decipher these.  I've looked through the mailing list as well.
First the configuration:
Host build machine: x86, Fedora Core 14 with most recent updates applied.
Target machine: MPL powerpc-405gp

Per my email from last week I received a suggestion to back port my make version from the Fedora 14 version of make 3.82 to make 3.81.  I have done this and the build goes significantly further than before.  The build is now breaking during "Installing C library".  It appears to be looking for -lgcc and not finding it.  In looking at the gcc command above it there is a section after the 4.3.2 which looks wrong as it has a bunch of ../../.. but I can't be sure and I don't know where all these paths are defined.  The make 3.82 build breaks immediately at the "Installing kernel headers" phase.

As another data point I have built crosstool successfully on the 1.6.[0-2] versions.  Starting on versions 1.7 and beyond these problems appear.  I don't know if anyone has built for PPC 405 in a while so this may be why these problems cropped up and weren't identified.  Anyway, any help on this would be appreciated as I'm not all that keen on running 1.6.2 if I don't have to.  I would like to stay current.

Thanks ahead of time,

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