fenv.h problem again???

Kerios, Chris (KSC-ASRC-466)[ASRC AEROSPACE CORP] chris.kerios@nasa.gov
Tue Feb 8 20:29:00 GMT 2011

Hello again,
I just finished a llllooonnnggg discussion from last October on what I believe is the same problem I am having now.   Although after reading the whole thread, I don't believe a solution was agreed on by all those who were in on that discussion.  If I followed the discussion enough it sounded like a patch of some sort was put in, but not to everyone's satisfaction.

I am building on host=x86 Fedora 14, using ct-ng version 1.9.3.  I am trying to build with the uClibc library.  All of this is for a PowerPC 405GPr  target.  I have attached all my config files.

What is really interesting in all of this is...I have successfully built glibc and eglibc versions with identical configs!  Just a change in the library selected...what I don't understand is that it is breaking in building the first static compiler.  I don't know enough to understand if the selection of uClibc affects this so early in the build.

Any thoughts?  Based on the previous thread, I don't want to open up an old wound but I sure could take some help again.

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