crosstool: issues compiling glibxc: as and ld missing or too old

Wed Aug 24 16:18:00 GMT 2011

Hey guys,
i've some problems with crosstool 0.43 (

I tried to compile a cross toolchain for an embedded computer with 
Motorola MPC8250. It seems to belong to the PowerPC family 600 (EC603e) 
=> powerpc-603.
Now, I've a host with Ubuntu 11.04 (2.6.38-11), gcc 4.52-8ubuntu4 and 
I downloaded crosstool and followed the instructions 
Everything worked so far, until glibc (?) showed an error:
gcc-4.1.0 + glibc-2.3.5 and newer (yes, I tried many versions :-/ ...):
 > configure: error:
 > ** These critical programs are missing or too old: as ld
Earlier versions say that gcc is too old (or missing).
They are not missing and probably too new for this?!

Target platform is a MPC8250 with uClinux (2.6.5 db2) and busybox.

What can I do?


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