compiling ltrace on macos / was Re: gdb problem

Guylhem Aznar
Sun Aug 21 18:12:00 GMT 2011


On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 11:48, Titus von Boxberg <> wrote:
> with the recent patch series I'm able to build your mips config
> with the following changes:
> - did not have your files: linux kernel tarball, uclibc config file, so:

As announced, "It is now available online as a DMG on, along with
the source code that was used to produce it :"

>  - used the uClibc-0.9.30 config file from samples directory
>  - used CT_KERNEL_V_2_6_35_14

Both are in Fritzbox.dmg.bz2

>  read_config_file.c:86: undefined reference to `index'.
> The first three would be fairly simple to correct.
> As a uclibc-agnostic, the last one is beyond my imagination.
> Any hints?

In my "handy functions" .h, which I frequently use to compile with uclibc :
#define MAX_LINE 255
#define getwd(x) getcwd(x,MAX_LINE)
#define bcmp(s1,s2,n) memcmp((s1), (s2), (size_t)(n))
#define index(s,c) strchr((s), (c))
#define rindex(s,c) strrchr((s), (c))
#define bcopy(src, dst, len) memcpy(dst, src, len)



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