gdb problem

Guylhem Aznar
Fri Aug 19 19:00:00 GMT 2011


On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 03:09, Titus von Boxberg <> wrote:
> If the former, then why not simply tackle those problems and add a fix?

It might be complicated without a platform to test - the reason why I
offered to put a mac online to try to compile.

> Guylhem, mind to send me again your most current .config.
> I'd give it a try on the weekend.

Here is one which work with the uclibc find fixes, and which I will
release soon. It is incomplete however (see "still getting errors"
message : no gdb/gdbserver, no strace)

Some notes :
because I don't understand how to resume a build - with or without
them, it just fails.
 CT_GDB_V_6_8 has been disabled. It would have been nice to run gdb
and gdbserver on the mips target, but it cause the tic static bug, and
the tree.ref bug to appear
 CT_LTRACE_V_0_5_3 has been disabled due to make not finding a file
called "Darwin"

Maybe you could try to enable one on more of these options to fix the
remaining bugs? (the build resuming thing might not be a bug, just a
misunderstanding on my part)

BTW - would it be possible to use a uclibc 0.9.29 with the current
crosstools-ng release? the target for which I'm preparing a cross
toolchain use this very version. I have had problems with some
binaries compiled for 0.9.30, so at the moment I'm compiling
everything static.


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