[SPAM] build/internals.sh: Replace nonportable call to stat

Titus von Boxberg titus@v9g.de
Wed May 19 05:40:00 GMT 2010

Am 19.05.2010 um 04:21 schrieb Arnaud Lacombe:
> NetBSD test(1) says  about -L:
>     -L file       True if file exists and is a symbolic link.  This operator
>                   is retained for compatibility with previous versions of
>                   this program.  Do not rely on its existence; use -h
>                   instead.
> POSIX has the same description for both entries, without saying if one
> is the deprecated version of the other. Though, -L would be more
> intuitive.
Arnaud, Yann, All,

at least on MacOS in a few days the test(1) man page will celebrate it's 17th anniversary.
That could be a reason for this sentence.
I heard that MacOS is claimed to be POSIX compliant, the docs are quite likely not.
My feeling is that -h will surely work for the next 17 years on all BSD systems
for the reasons given by you and POSIX but who knows.
-L looks as good as -h and gives one the good feeling that Rule #1, RTFM, was followed ;-)


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