The state of Darwin/OSX

Mon May 17 12:21:00 GMT 2010

Titus, All,

On Monday 17 May 2010 102028 Titus von Boxberg wrote:
> is it correct that the wrapper (patch) is not needed anymore?

It's no longer needed if static companion libraries are used. This is new
in 1.7.0, and I'm not sure it is sstable yet, so there's still the option
to build shared companion libraries, and in this case the wrapper is still

But I'd like it to go once and for all, so *I* don't care if it does not
get fixed for MacOS-X, if static libs are working there. If MacOS-X still
need shared libs, then I'd rather that gets fixed, rather than the wrapper.

So, yes, it is no longer needed, and you can (safely) drop the patch.

> Do you want a separate patch for each gnu-tool or
> is the patch for gnu-tools ok as it is?

The only dubious hunk in that patch in the fact that you invert the check
for gawk/awk. This is purely gratuitous, and I would like it removed.

A few other comments on the rest of the series:

0 U dyld-library-path-wrapper.c:
  Don't use a variable for that, use a #define

1 U readlink:
  Make the log message a WARN rather than EXTRA, so it is visible.

3 U use-configguess-on-bsd:
  No longer applies cleanly, please fix.

4 U stat-portable:
  No longer applies cleanly, please fix.
  Discrepancy when checking build machine: Use ${CT_SYS_OS}, not `uname -s`
  Use $(bla bla), not `bla bla`  ( $() is used everywhere in the code )

5 U wrapper-compile-commandline:
  Breaks canadian-cross: do not use cc, but really _do_ use ${CT_HOST}-gcc
  You can't -D${CT_SYS_OS} because it can be something like: GNU/Linux
  and this is not a valid macro name. Or we just always use: uname -s
  (and get rid of uname -o)
  Space damage.

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