can CTNG build an x86 (32bits) cross-toolchain on an amd64(64bits) workstation ?

Frederic Roussel
Sat May 15 22:08:00 GMT 2010


So I've been doing some experiments that I want to report to you guys.

I don't know a whole lot about canadian compilers, so probability that
I will say something stupid is fairly high.
But I'm willing to learn from my mistakes :-)

So my .config file has the following values set:

When running ct-ng build, it exits with an error:
[DEBUG]    'x86_64-build_pc-linux-gnu-strip' -> '/usr/bin/strip'
[DEBUG]  ==> Executing: 'chmod 700
[DEBUG]    Missing: 'x86_64-linux-gnu-windres' or
'x86_64-linux-gnu-windres' or 'windres' : not required.
[ERROR]  Missing: 'i686-linux-gnu-ar' or 'i686-linux-gnu-ar' or 'ar' :
either needed!
make: *** [build] Error 1

What I'm understanding is that in the script scripts/,
in the 'for' loop around ${install_build_tools_for}, it tries to
locate various tools. Of course, it can't find the 32bits versions of
the tools as they have not be compiled, nor installed by other means.

I have the nagging feeling that I am grossly missing something out ...

Any thoughts would be hugely welcome,

thanks all,


On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 8:41 AM, Yann E. MORIN
<> wrote:
> Frederic, All,
> On Monday 10 May 2010 21:24:04 Frederic Roussel wrote:
>> I'm back looking at crosstool-ng, and I've noticed all the progress
>> that has been made in a few months of time.
>> Congratulations and many thanks to all, especially to Yann, for
>> releasing a great piece of software!
> Cheers! :-)
>> I have a question regarding how to use ct-ng on an amd64 machine.
>> I would like to generate a cross-toolchain that will be run on
>> 32bits-x86 machines.
>> That sounds to me like a mild case of canadian cross compiler.
> That *is* a canadian cross.
>> I am just wondering if there is a way to do that with the current
>> version, or the head of the hg tree.
> Yes, as Khem said, set:
>  Paths and misc options  --->
>    [*] Try features marked as EXPERIMENTAL
>  Toolchain options  --->
>    Type (Canadian     (EXPERIMENTAL))  --->
>> Short of finalizing the canadian support, would you think of a way to
>> generate 32bits x86 on an 64bits amd64 ? something like the use of
>> "-m32" flag
> Nope. Just build it as a canadian cross, which it definitely is.
> Note however that if you have 'legacy 32-bit support' enabled in your
> kernel, and the 32-bit support libraries installed, then ./configure
> (from gcc and binutils) may believe they are able to run host binaries,
> and that may produce unexpected results.
> If it fails (and even if it works!), I'd be interested in earing^Wreading
> the results. If you have time to invetigate failure, I'd be glad for it.
> Also, a 32-bit chroot might not do the trick, as the running kernel would
> still be a 64-bit kernel, and thus uname may report x86_64 instead of some
> i?86.
> Regards,
> Yann E. MORIN.
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