Error building PowerPC Toolchain with Crosstool-NG in Cygwin

Jeff Gilton
Sun May 9 00:31:00 GMT 2010

I am trying to build a PowerPC toolchain with Crosstool-NG version 1.7.0. 
It gets most of the way through then fails installing the final C compiler 
in CT_DoExecLog.  It looks like it's trying to build in the Java support so 
I disable Java and it gets farther.  Then it fails installing DUMA so I 
disable that.  Then it fails building ncurses but I could find no way to 
disable that.

I was able to successfully build the toolchain on Linux but I need a version 
that will run in Windows.  I have tried to build it in Cygwin on Windows 7, 
Windows 7 in XP compatibility mode, and Windows XP.  In all cases, I have 
the latest version of Cygwin.

I am not quite sure how to troubleshoot this.  Right now, I've modified 
crosstool-NG-sh to run bash in verbose mode to see if it can tell me where 
the build is really failing.  I know it's not an error in CT_DoExecLog 
itself because that is used extensively and the build gets over 3/4 of the 
way through.

Any pointers on how to troubleshoot this will be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Gilton 

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