crunchy ICE
Tue May 4 09:12:00 GMT 2010

On 04/05/10 09:58, Martin Guy wrote:
>>   Am I making some careless mistake , or is ARM crunch still no ready to use?
> Works perfectly. I built gnuplot to check whether you had found a bug
> in my stuff and it's fine.
> Now please stop insulting me and treating me like your servant.
> You puonish me for having been generous and kind to you, and I regret it.
>     M

OK, just calm down a bit. I have NEVER insulted you or been anything 
other than calm and polite so let's not turn this into a flame.

 > Works perfectly.

Well , no. ICE and segfault is not 'perfect'.

 > I built gnuplot to check whether you had found a bug in my stuff and 
it's fine.

So you checked one version of gnuplot (which one?) and it built but you 
prefered to keep that information to yourself. You are entitled to do 
that but that does not mean I am "punishing" you or treating you like a 
servant if I continue to try to resolve my issue.

I updated ct-ng to the new release and did a completely fresh toolchain 
and build to make sure there was not some cruft on my system creating 

This confirmed a repeatable segfault in exactly the same point as 
before.  I posted this new information in the hope that someone would 
point out if I was making an obvious error somewhere before I go to the 
bother of filing a full bug report with

That seems appropriate enough.

 > Please stop harassing me and the readers of this list.

I really don't see how two posts on this issue can be considered 
"harassing" anyone so it does make one ask why you are so hyper 
sensitive about this. I will refrain from speculating on that but will 
turn down your kind offer of resolving the issue for a consultancy fee. 
Your reactions here do not inspire me to enter into a business 
relationship with you.

I shall try to resolve this issue through the usual channels for 
community support . If I can't get it to build with crunch it will 
continue to work a bit slower with software fp.

It is rather annoying not being able to get the best from the hardware 
but this problem does not have the same importance for me as it would 
seem to have for you.

Many thanks for your previous help and comments.

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