Moving toolchain to other host

Martin Guy
Sat Jan 23 12:47:00 GMT 2010

On 1/22/10, Rod Nussbaumer <> wrote:
>  Because I have had no end of problems getting ct-ng to build toolchains on
> my normally designated development host (RHEL 4.X clone), I have created a
> Debian 5.02 host for the sole purpose of running ct-ng.

Well, a separate question is, what were those problems and can you
hack ct-ng to work round them? If you can do that in a portable way it
would save other people's time in future. However, you may not have
the time to do that.

>  Now, the question is, can I move those toolchains over to my RHEL 4.X &/or
> RHEL 5.X host(s), in order to compile code to run on embedded targets? The
> Redhat boxes are presently running kernels version 2.6.9 & version 2.68.18.

Like Joachim says, the kernel version in crosstool refers to the
version of the kernel running on the target ARM host, not the one the
crosstool-builder runs on, and is most likely to affect the building
of the C library for the target.

> Are there general rules
> about what object code is runnable on other OS versions?

As long as they use the same ABI and have the same major version of
the same C library (almost certainly glibc) you will usually be OK.
The kernel is usually careful to keep ABI compatability. If you do
have a mismatch it should become evident pretty soon, like the
binaries refusing to run at all.


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