Moving toolchain to other host

Joachim Nilsson
Sat Jan 23 09:13:00 GMT 2010

Hi Rod!

The biggest concern isn't the host kernel version, instead it's the host 
GLIBC/EGLIBC version.  If you build on a system with too new GLIBC the 
toolchain won't run on systems with an older GLIBC.

Example: at our R&D company we've standardized on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, this 
was a compromise to get a least common denominator between the IT staff 
and the developers. However, most developers run Ubuntu 9.10 and some 
don't even use Ubuntu - they use Gentoo, SuSE or Fedora.  I have found 
it possible to support all the developers by building our toolchains on 
an aging Ubuntu 8.04 32-bit installation.  It seems (the symbols of) its 
GLIBC version is available in all the other distributions used.  At 
least the ones we've tried.

I hope this helps!


On 01/23/2010 12:57 AM, Rod Nussbaumer wrote:
> Hi all.
> Because I have had no end of problems getting ct-ng to build 
> toolchains on my normally designated development host (RHEL 4.X 
> clone), I have created a Debian 5.02 host for the sole purpose of 
> running ct-ng. This seems to work fabulously, so far, and I've been 
> able to generate i686 targeted and ARM targeted toolchains.  Me happy.
> Now, the question is, can I move those toolchains over to my RHEL 4.X 
> &/or RHEL 5.X host(s), in order to compile code to run on embedded 
> targets? The Redhat boxes are presently running kernels version 2.6.9 
> & version 2.68.18. If I build against those kernel versions when I 
> build the toolchain, does that buy me anything? What IS the upshot of 
> changing kernel versions when building the toolchains? Can I/should I 
> build a specific version of the C Library with the toolchains?
> Now that I'm thinking about, I guess I would give myself the best 
> chance by using versions of all compilers, libraries and kernels that 
> match the versions on the RHEL sort-of target. I suppose that in some 
> sense, I am making a Canadian cross, bu hoping to cheat and just copy 
> the toolchains without targeting them to a different host type. Are 
> there general rules about what object code is runnable on other OS 
> versions?
>    ---   rod.
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