[PATCH 2 of 2] companion_tools/autoconf: add autoconf tool

Richard Strand richard.strand@icomera.com
Mon Jan 11 20:20:00 GMT 2010

Hi Yann,

Sorry about sending this twice, but the list rejected the last one 
because I accidentally left my email signature on.

Yann E. MORIN wrote:
> OK, now what about this help text and prompt:
> comment "READ HELP before you say 'Y' below !!!"
> prompt "Build some companion tools"
> help
>   Crosstool-NG relies on some external tools to be recent enough, namely:
>     autoconf >= 2.65
>     blah     >= blah
>   If your system has older versions, we can build them for you,
>   but you are strongly encouraged to update your system instead!
Do you know the minimum versions of the tools required or are the
versions in the TODO correct? Should I be building the minimum versions,
or is it ok just to build the latest ones?

> Could you please address the few remaining issues?
> Otherwise, looks good! :-)
No problem! It seems fairly simple to add the other 3 tools into this
patch as well, or would you rather they were all separate patches?

When I submit further versions of this patch should I also include the
"Change overide bin dir" patch (is it even possible to exclude it with
mercurial)? I don't like spamming the list with duplicate patches, but
this patch doesn't work without the "Change overide bin dir" patch.


Richard Strand

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