Thinking about ltrace-0.5.3

Fri Jan 1 18:44:00 GMT 2010

Joachim, All,

On Friday 01 January 2010 19:24:34 Joachim Nilsson wrote:
> I've been looking into integrating the latest ltrace, 0.5.3, with 
> crosstool-NG.  It seems the maintainer has purged GNU Autotools from the 
> tree and is now using a home baked configure et al.

Which I won't blame him for! I always found the autotools stuff hard to
work with, that's why crosstool-NG uses its own home-bread ./configure
as well...

> This _could_ mean a fundamental change to 
> scripts/build/debug/, since --host and --build no longer 
> apply, or some clever special handling, similar to "if [ version -gt 
> 0.5.3 ]", unless you decide to drop support for all prior ltrace versions?

I do not want to drop older versions, until at least the next major relase
due late January.

> How would you like to proceed?  Maybe you have some similar 
> version-exception handling for other packages that you can recommend me 
> looking at.

I think something like (in pseudo-code):

config_opts=( "--prefix=..." "whatever" "common" "opts..." )
make_opts=( "whatever" "common" "opts..." )
if [ version < 0.5.3 ]; then
    config_opts+=( "--build=..." "--host=..." )
    make_opts+=( "whatever" )
    config_opts+=( "whatever" )
    make_opts+=( "whatever" )
.../configure "${config_opts[@]}"
make "${make_opts[@]}"

Note: CT-NG relies (and checks for) a bash that understands arrays, so we
can safely use that, as it is easy to add multiple strings with spaces in

> The "heavy lifting" of adapting 0.5.3 to cross-building seems to be done 
> already by the openembedded guys, so it's more of a integration with 
> crosstool-NG issue.

Very nice! Please, also check that any existing patch for previous versions
are still needed.

Waiting for your submission, then! (if you could submit Mercurial patches,
that would make my life easier to apply those patches).

Yann E. MORIN.

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