[PATCH] Add basic m68k support to crosstool-ng

Remy Bohmer linux@bohmer.net
Tue Feb 16 18:38:00 GMT 2010

Hi Yann,

>> > elf2flt is currently disabled in the code. We do not (yet) build it, as
>> > we do not call its functions (for now).
>> elf2flt was auto-magically selected, I did not select it on purpose.
>> Actually we even do not need the elf2flt code.
>> We will create a separate patch to get rid of this unexpected and
>> unwanted relation.
> How do you manage this noMMU stuff if not using elf2flt, then?

m68k-none-elf-objcopy -O binary <my-elf-image-in> <my-binary-image-out>

>> > Was your toolchain functional?
>> We are still testing it, but everything looks good, and the compiler
>> seems to deliver proper executables.
>> However, we have not yet build a complete product with it so there
>> might still be some issues, but we will fix those as well.
> Any feedback?

Due to some holidays I expect more feedback within 2 weeks from now.

>> Soon, there will be updates to this architecture to make it more
>> useful. (Me or Bart will post those)
>> We also want a canadian build for this toolchain (Windows hosted) and
>> we are having some issues to get it compiled properly.
>> We also want newlib support in it as well. (does not compile yet)
> Any progress in those fields?

Canadian build still not functional since we have conflicts with
building GCC for baremetal in canadian build, it seems that some
HOST-tools/libs are build with BUILD-system flags which makes the
build fail. It might be that those failing tools/libs do not need to
be build at all.
We will continue with it after about 2 weeks from now. Canadian for
bare metal is a wish for us at the moment, but I foresee that it can
become mandatory within a few months.
Newlib support is working after disabling --with-arch ;-)
Patches will be posted after they are stable and that will be after
the holidays... :-)

Kind regards,


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